CJ and Samantha

My wife and I adopted a 1year old pup that was scared of everything. His fear in everything lead to a lot of nipping at passerbys, attacking our sliding door when a neighbor walked by, and other issues. My wife found Ryan and I wasn’t sure what to think due to the fact that he’s already been to petco training and it didn’t do much. I figured it would just take time. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After a couple months with Ryan our little guy is a different dog. Ryan keeps it light, fun, and productive. He always has a plan and he picks up on things I would never think of. He helped our dog grow tremendously and helped us identify how our personalities factor into the dogs behavior. Very knowledgable in the field and he presents the what and why in a way that doesn’t go over your head or put you to sleep. As a stubborn independent person going in to training, I now would recommend Chase K9 Services to anyone.



Izzy is a sweet, silly Shepherd mix that I rescued almost a year ago. I was in over my head from the beginning; she came with a lot of behavior issues that I had never dealt with before. She was extremely anxious and lunged at other animals. She even bit me once when I kept her from going after a dog walking past us. I worked with a trainer who specialized in aggressive dogs for several months with very little progress. Some suggested that she was a lost cause and that I should put her down. I was extremely discouraged and frustrated and began wondering if I should take their advice. Then I met Ryan from Chase K9 Services and knew within minutes that he was the trainer Izzy and I needed.

Ryan emanates a quiet confidence that Izzy responded to immediately. I felt a renewed sense of hope as I watched her walk calmly at Ryan’s side by the end of the first session. Still, I had doubts about my ability to handle her as effectively as he did. Now, only five months later, those doubts are long gone. Izzy is a completely different dog, and I am a completely different dog owner.

Ryan has an astounding ability to determine exactly when to push you past your comfort zone and when to remain patient. Under his guidance, I became much more comfortable assuming the leadership role that Izzy had been desperately needing me to fill. The exercises he assigned as homework in between sessions were simple yet incredibly effective in helping us achieve our goals. Our relationship grows stronger every day, and I am continually amazed at how far she has come. The Izzy that used to go after dogs half a mile away now remains completely relaxed when I walk her with another dog. The anger I used to feel when she went after my cats has been replaced with overwhelming pride when she walks politely past them. Working with her–something I once dreaded–has become the part of my day that I look forward to the most. I am extremely grateful for everything Chase K9 Services has done for us.”



Fast results and very easy to understand instruction. We got an individualized plan for my dogs needs. Ryan is professional and friendly, and listened well to my concerns. He is patient with me, I’m a nervous person and he keeps me, and in turn my dog, very calm in otherwise stressful situations. We also got to spend some time with his wonderful pack of dogs. Awesome experience.



I highly suggest Chase K9 Services! I am more than satisfied with the work that has been done! In 3 weeks (3 sessions) my aggressive dog is now much calmer, and running and playing with other dogs…. something I didn’t think I’d ever see again! He works hand in hand with his clients to help you and your dog and he truly loves what he does and strives to make you a proud, happy dog owner and to make your dog just as proud and happy!

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